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$10 Hair Cut Day

The reasoning behind my first thought of holding a fundraiser for kids was this…. Growing up there were 4 kids in my family and I was the youngest, which meant “hand me downs”. It was fine until the first day of school when everyone else had everything new. It was until I went into high school, grade 10, and I got a new haircut for school. It was empowering and I ran home and opened up my closet and reworked my whole wardrobe to suit my “new hair”. That’s all I needed and I walked into school feeling confident and fantastic about myself.

Special Guests: Artsy Fartsy, Annas Spa, Drizzels, Traditional Glimpse, Codio Photography

2019 Outcome

Raised $5092.60
cut 131 kid's hair

2018 Outcome

Raised $4405.35
cut 148 kid's hair

2017 Outcome

Raised $4400.35
cut 151 kid's hair

2016 Outcome

Raised $5,148.00
cut 150 kid's hair

2015 Outcome

Raised $5,510.25
cut 150 kid's hair

2014 Outcome

Raised $6,293.00
cut 180 kid's hair

2013 Outcome

Raised $5,010.10
cut 143 kid's hair

2012 Outcome

Raised $3,307.00
cut 108 kid's hair

2011 Outcome

Raised $1,996.17
cut 108 kid's hair

2010 Outcome

Raised $1,500.00
cut 98 kid's hair

Grand Total

Raised $38257.47
cut 1219 kid's hair